New Patient

New Patient Experience

New patients are greeted and made to feel welcome in our comfortable waiting rooms and modern clinic. We welcome new patients for dental care in Danville, San Ramon, Blackhawk, Alamo and across Contra

Costa County

To ensure we provide the best, personalized care to every one of our patients, the new patient experience includes a thorough assessment and initial exam to establish the condition of your dental health and to plan the right treatment for you.

Welcome and Dental History

First, our friendly and knowledgeable staff and dentists welcome you into the clinic. We ask you to tell us a little about your dental history and any concerns you might have, and we explain the first exam procedure to you.

Initial Assessment and Exam

The initial exam allows for a thorough assessment of issues that may be affecting your teeth, gums, jaw and overall dental health.

This assessment will include a thorough oral inspection, blood pressure check, screening for gum and bone disease, checks for other systemic diseases and screening for oral cancer. Dentists may make note of any issues, and probe certain areas to reveal any potentially hidden problems. Gum tissue may also be measured with a fine instrument, as gum pocket depths greater than 4mm can signal risk of disease or infection. Because of the advanced equipment and superior techniques used at the Diablo Dental Group, we provide some of the most thorough and precise dental exams in Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and Blackhawk.


To get a better view of your teeth and jaw, the dentist may take some dental x-rays at the first appointment. These can help your dentists diagnose and understand any issues you’re having and apply the right treatment.


At your first exam, after the initial assessment, the dentist may professionally clean your teeth. This involves tooth scaling and polishing to remove stubborn plaque buildup and restore whiteness and shine to your teeth. If necessary, root planing will be done to help heal and regenerate gum tissue.
Going to a new dentist for the first time can be a bit nerve-racking, but the friendly and skilled professionals at the Diablo Dental Group will ensure your comfort and ease through the whole procedure. Serving new patients from across Contra Costa county including Danville, San Ramon, Blackhawk, and Alamo, the Diablo Dental Group provides expert dental care and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.