Bad Breath Specialist

Bad Breath Q & A

What causes bad breath?.

It’s easy to get bad breath from strong-smelling foods like onions and garlic, but if you have chronic bad breath, it may be due to underlying health issues

One common cause of bad breath is the buildup of bacteria. If you’re not brushing and flossing properly, bacteria feed on food debris left in your mouth, producing a bad-smelling waste. Other causes of bad breath include:

Acid Reflux
Dry mouth
Gum disease
Sinus problems
Kidney disease

If you’re a smoker, you may also develop chronic bad breath, stained teeth, and increased risk for gum disease.

How is bad breath diagnosed?

The Diablo Dental Group dentists perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health to determine the cause of chronic bad breath. They also discuss your diet and lifestyle habits. After a visual exam of your teeth, gums, and tongue, your The Diablo Dental Group provider creates a treatment plan to address the root cause of your bad breath.

What treatments are available for bad breath?

The team at The Diablo Dental Group offers several services to combat bad breath. Initially, your provider may recommend brushing and flossing after every meal to effectively eliminate bad-smelling bacteria. They may also recommend special toothpaste and mouthwashes to address bad breath and other oral health conditions like dry mouth.

You also should schedule professional cleanings every six months to keep your smile healthy. If you wear removable dentures, it’s important that you clean them correctly every night to remove bacteria.