Digital X-Ray Specialist

Digital X-Ray Q & A

What are digital X-rays?

Digital dental X-rays are a diagnostic tool The Diablo Dental Group offers to evaluate your overall dental health. This technology creates images of the structures inside your mouth, including your teeth and gums. As a diagnostic tool, X-rays help identify signs of early disease or decay. X-rays also are useful in evaluating issues that impact your:

  • Jaw
  • Sinuses
  • Soft tissues

Digital technology creates high-quality pictures of your teeth and gums instantly, ensuring your dentist has the information needed to assess your oral health. Based on the results of your X-rays, your dentist creates a custom treatment plan to protect your teeth and gums.

When do I need dental X-rays?

The Diablo Dental Group staff recommends routine dental X-rays once a year. They may require additional X-rays to monitor an existing condition or to identify the cause of unexplained dental pain.

If you suffer an injury to your teeth or have pain, you may need to schedule a separate visit for X-rays and an examination. If it’s your first visit to the practice, The Diablo Dental Group will likely take X-rays to evaluate your dental needs.

What can I expect during dental X-rays?

During your X-ray, you relax in an exam chair. The X-ray process is painless, although you may feel some discomfort as you remain motionless while the necessary images are taken. The dental team places a mouthpiece between your teeth, and you need to hold steady as the technology captures the X-ray images. Depending on the reason for X-rays, multiple images may be needed.

Are digital dental X-rays safe?

Digital dental X-rays are safe, and The Diablo Dental Group staff ensures you’re comfortable and well-protected during the procedure. X-rays produce low levels of radiation and digital technology uses even fewer amounts than traditional X-rays.

If you can’t tolerate X-rays due to underlying health conditions or pregnancy, the dental team can recommend alternative options for dental evaluations.

The Diablo Dental Group recommends yearly X-rays to maintain stellar oral health. Find out more about the benefits of digital dental X-rays by calling the office or using the convenient online booking feature today.